Charging the Car Battery Can Be Simple and Difficult At the Same Time

Charging the Car Battery Can Be Simple and Difficult At the Same Time

When it’s simple – you can drive to some other car, connect the jump wires, start the friend’s car, wait for a while, and you are good to go. If the car is a diesel variant, you need a massive starting current, and if you need to start a truck … things are already getting difficult, and you may need to book car service online in Pune.

But not difficult for our roadside assistance car mechanics

Much of it depends on the correct charging of the battery, and it is very essential. Usually, improper charging of a car can lead to battery failure. While charging a battery, flammable gases are released. This makes it extremely important to never open the filler caps and bring an open fire near the openings.

Dead battery – replace it!

Replacement of a damaged or non-working part in car repair is as common as it can get. If it is possible to replace the engine or other parts, why not a faulty battery. You can ask your neighbor or any other car repair at home in Pune. The easiest way to do this is to stop a passing car and take it off. With the permission of the owner, of course. Better yet, keep a spare battery ready at home for such situations, especially if you are planning a long vacation. 

The course of action, if you do not want to be tormented by the question, if the battery is dead, what to do, is simple:

  1. Remove the dead battery.
  2. Have a mechanic ready who knows how to connect all the terminals.
  3. Start the car and warm up the engine.
  4. Leave the engine idling for some time.
  5. Turn on energy-consuming devices like headlights, music systems, etc.
  6. Remove the “disposable” battery.
  7. Install the new battery and connect all the terminals.
  8. Turn off the power consumers and let the battery recharge.
  9. Everything is ready, and you are ready to roll.

Charge the car if the battery is dead

Another method to charge your car’s dead battery is by connecting it to another car’s battery. However, it is extremely necessary to follow the right sequence. Otherwise, you can damage not only your car but the car of a generous person who came for the rescue. The safest and easiest solution is to call a car service in Pune. Their mechanic will not confuse with different wires, and their help will always be fast, efficient and safe. 

Prevention is always better than cure, and the same goes for your car. It is much more profitable and safer to be ready in advance for such instances. This will save your mood from getting spoiled after returning from a long-awaited vacation. 

Things to Remember

Before buying a new battery, it is your responsibility to check for cracks, chips or other surface defects. They show if the device ever fell or hit.  If it’s damaged from the outside and is leaky, there can be damage to the inside as well.

In addition, it is also important to check the condition of the electrolyte contained inside. You can easily remove the plugs and check for the presence of filler. In a good battery, the plates will be completely covered with liquid.

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