A Comprehensive Guide on Coil Mattresses and Other types of Mattresses

A Comprehensive Guide on Coil Mattresses and Other types of Mattresses

You might want to get a new mattress or you want to replace that old, worn out bed. You surely deserve the best mattress which will give you what you want.

Therefore, it is crucial you don’t choose wrongly. You wouldn’t want to get less for your money.

This article will guide you on which type of coil mattresses to opt for. Read on as we explore.

Innerspring Beds or Coil Models: Which should you go for?

Quite a number of people are always eager to know which type of mattress to choose between the regular innerspring mattress and pocketed coil mattresses.

Know that the only similarity between the two is that they are developed with a steel spring support system. Apart from that, they are different in comfort and durability. Therefore, let’s consider the difference between the two.

Differences Between Pocketed coil Mattresses and Regular Innerspring Beds

  1. Shape

Regular innerspring beds are built with connected springs which form a single unit. Each of these coils has an hourglass shape which leaves it wide on above and beneath and thin through the middle. Weak points arise and these eventually break down the springs.

Pocketed coil mattresses, however, have a uniform width from top to bottom. This helps to remove the weak points and makes it hold up longer than the regular innerspring beds.

  1. Better support when you sleep

Pocketed coil mattresses have individual could which respond to movement in the night, hence allievating stress on your body. This mattress distributes weight evenly on your body and relieves you of any pain. This is as a result of its design.

  1. Affordable Price

When pocketed coil mattresses newly came, they were quite more expensive than traditional coil mattresses. But, as advances in design and materials increased, the manufacturing costs reduced significantly. Hence, you don’t have to pay much more for it than you do for regular innerspring beds. And even when you have to,  what you get in terms of comfort and durability makes it worth it.

  1. Great for couples

A regular innerspring bed can squeak, make noise and disturb your sleep at night. You don’t want this to happen. You want you and your spouse to have a sound, undisturbed sleep.

Pocketed coil mattresses, due to their design, prevent this. It supports you silently and reduces movement, making you enjoy a peaceful night. 

Now that you know the difference between regular innerspring beds and pocketed coil mattresses, you’re sure to go for the better. However, in case you want another option, here is it:

What else can I consider?

In case pocketed coil mattresses seem too pricey for you, you have other choices. One of them is the hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress is a combination of a spring coil system and memory foam top. A hybrid mattress can give you as much support and comfort as a pocketed coil system. Therefore, you can always opt for that instead.


Pocketed coil mattresses are designed for your comfort and support. They are very durable and cost-effective. And should you want another option different from pocketed coil, a hybrid mattress is a good choice.

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