What are some of the best plants to be kept in bathrooms?

If you love growing plants and are in the habit of buying plants very often. We are pretty sure that you must have already filled your house with lots of plants. We assume you must have placed plants everywhere in your house, be it your balcony, your living room, garden, or the terrace. However, you would have purchased many plants and would be thinking that there is no more space left in your house that can accommodate a plant. We suggest that you still have a lot of space for new plants. If you planned to buy plants online, we are here to get you going ahead with your idea. You can bring new plants and place them in the bathroom. After all, humidity is a major requirement for various plants, and we all know very well that bathrooms have an environment that is highly humid. So you can choose to bring such plants that love to grow in humidity and require very little maintenance. We have gathered the names of various plants that can be placed in your bathrooms. 


Dracaena trifasciata, or the snake plant, has got another name that sounds rather funny. Some people call it the mother-in-law’s tongue. You can place it in a bathroom that is not used very often. This plant can tolerate drought. Therefore it won’t die even if you forgot to water it for some time. This plant had excellent adaptive abilities. Place them anywhere, whether inside or outside, in the sun or in the shade. This plant will continue to grow. Its leaves are very thick with yellow edges. These leaves stand upright, thus making them look absolutely beautiful. 


Nephrolepis exaltata is a very low maintenance plant that can grow well despite receiving low light. This plant can grow upto 4 feet if planted in well-drained and moist soil. Boston ferns are ideal to be placed in bathrooms because they require humidity for their growth. The key to keeping your Boston fern healthy is to ensure that the plant never runs out of water. These plants can also be placed in hanging baskets. They are also called the sword fern. This plant helps in keeping the air clean and is safe for the animals as well. 


Pothos are commonly known as money plants. They are common to every house and rank on the top amongst the sale of houseplants. You can Buy money plants online and place them anywhere in your house. If placing it in the bathroom, you must ensure that you trim it often because it is a climbing vine that spreads rapidly. You can cut a small part of the plant and place it in some other pot, and that shall grow too. Pothos makes a nice ornamental vine and is mostly placed around fences. 


Growing up to the height of 6 inches tall, fittonia albivenis were originated in the humid regions of Peru. They have been classified in the category of low-growing creepers. It is also known as the mosaic plant. You can place them somewhere near a window that faces towards the east. These plants produce small flowers of yellow color. 


Hedera helix or the European ivy needs very less water to grow. It can grow upto 100 feet long despite being partially exposed to the sun. They fall in the category of popular houseplants; they have the ability to remove toxic contents from the air within our houses. These are the evergreen vine that requires a vertical structure such as a stick or string that might support them for their growth. It prefers to grow in shady corners of the house with no or very little sunlight. 

This was a list of various plants that can grow well in the bathroom. You may buy one from this list or browse the internet in order to find more plants that are suitable for being placed in the bathroom. You may check the best online portal for plants and their reviews before you start Online shopping for indoor plants. Going through the reviews of the customers gives you an overview of the quality so that you know what type of service you must expect at the time of delivery. 

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