How Technology Has Changed Our Lives For The Better

How Modern Technology Has Changed Our Lives For Better

Technology is a phenomenon that is here to stay and transform lives for the better. From students using online essay typer to streamline their academic stringencies to people seeking telemedicinal assistance; embracing the boon called technology has become a part of us. Right from the morning till the time we doze off and even after that, we are constantly backed technological advancements, in some way or the other. As a matter of fact, the global technology industry is predicted to grow and reach the mark of $5 trillion in 2021. 

So, if we are to consider these revelations, then there’s no point denying the fact that technology is one of the key driving forces behind people achieving new milestones with each passing day. Now that you are eager to delve deeper and know how technology is transforming our lives, invest some time reading this insightful blog. 

Here you go! 


  • Technology has shaped up the domain of education 


The domain of education has been backed and gamed up by technological advancements like never before. Both students and educators across the globe get to reap the benefits of technological developments across every significant sector. 

Here’s what you need to know in order to explore the bigger picture. 

  • Students, these days, are rarely seen surrendering to the clutches of manual burden. 
  • Rather they would simply consider harnessing the potential of advanced applications such as word counter, plagiarism detectors and paraphrasing tools. 
  • Each of these advanced methodologies allows students to streamline all complications and speed up their daily activities in an absolutely productive manner. 
  • On the other hand, teachers get to leverage the key functional features of student performance trackers, essay editing tools, spell checkers and the likes. 
  • Also, there are other advancements in the form of video-based learning and blended learning methodologies. 
  • In video-based learning, both students and teachers get to enjoy the benefits of accessing academic lessons remotely, also from the comfort of home. 
  • For instance, pertaining to the present-day crisis concerning the Covid-19 outbreak, most schools and colleges are being operated from home. 
  • Educators and students are utilising the fullest potential of video-calling apps such as Zoom, Google Duo, and Skype. 
  • As a result, no one’s really missing out on attending regular classes or coping up with the syllabus and the likes.
  • Also, the phenomenon called blended learning has its wings spread across a wider domain of learning and knowledge accumulation. 
  • In blended learning, students get to reap the benefits of conventional teaching methodologies and technology-driven learning as well. 

Thus, with so many beneficial aspects to talk about, it seems that technology is guiding educators and students in the right direction, with utmost positivity and sheer diligence. 


  • Technology and healthcare go hand in hand 


This is again one critical pointer to be acknowledged and talk about, if we are to mention the notable contributions of the phenomenon in the matter of bettering our lives. Here are a couple of insightful dimensions for you to explore in this context of the discussion. 

  • Technology is gradually converting medical information into a single database. 
  • As a result, healthcare professionals are able to access pertinent patient information such as health insurance details, patient’s medical history, medication and much more. 
  • In addition to these, healthcare providers are seen to utilise the potential of remotely-functional devices such as Smartphone in order to offer telemedicinal facilities. 
  • Most healthcare providers, these days, offer online consultation, which helps patients to stay at home and carry out their regular wellness drives seamlessly. 
  • Apparently, telemedicine apps such as MDLIVE, PlushCare, DoctorOnDemand are in the news, pertaining to their state-of-the-art timely assistance and other smart features. 

So, with each passing day, things are only expected to get better and help us to live a life backed by safe and mobile medical assistance in every notable aspect. 


  • Technology streamlines E-Commerce like never before 


If we are to talk about how technology has changed our lives for the better, then the context of E-Commerce advancements certainly gets a special mention. By the end of this year, E-Commerce is expected to generate $4.5 trillion in sales. All credit goes to technological advancements to streamline all forms of manual intricacies and make the internet a better place for safe purchases. 

Let’s take a look at the broader dimension. Here’s everything you need to know. 

  • There are ample E-Commerce websites such as Amazon and Alibaba that deal with a plethora of daily essentials and other products regularly. 
  • Potential buyers can simply visit these days, sort out their preferences via advanced facilities such as “filtered” searches and other perks. 
  • These days, the E-Commerce checkouts have been made easier and more seamless with easy “add products” and “online/contactless payment” facilities. 
  • Also, people get to carry out a significant chunk of their daily purchases from the comfort of their abodes, without stepping out amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • This has gradually fostered the idea of conversational marketing as well. 
  • Around 50% of people say they would purchase products from websites’ chatboxes, thus, leveraging the fullest potential of AI-backed conversational marketing. 
  • Also, 57% of online buyers purchase from retailers who are overseas. Wondering why? 
  • That’s because technology-backed commercial institutions are constantly upgrading their bases and making things much easier and smarter for consumers to deal with.
  • So much so, people get to order foods online these days. From confectionary products to raw meat; you are entitled to get any food item at home without standing in long queues. 

With each of these developmental aspects making round across the domain of technology, let’s keep our fingers crossed and welcome the better, and smarter tomorrow. 


  • Technology has improved banking on various levels 


Nothing backs us and takes care of a financially well-balanced lifestyle than a properly executed banking assistance.And it goes without mentioning, technology has done a brilliant job here. The domain of banking and finance is ever-progressing and coming up with some sort of advancement or the other. 

Take a look here to develop further insights into it. 

  • Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is the latest discovery, backed by sheer technological efficiency. 
  • Digital Account Opening to Cloud Computing and Application Programming Interfaces; technology in banking is developing across every notably functional area. 
  • So much so, you can make payments, on the go, via digitised payment portals offered by PayPal and other transactional gateways. 


  • Communication gets easier and hassle-free 


Remember those days of ISD and STD calls? Feeling old already? Even though the days of ISD calling was technological advancement back then, things only got more prominent, advanced and user-friendly ever since then. 

Here’s a glimpse of all communicational advancements we have been a part of, since the past few decades. 

  • Pagers and landline phones got replaced by mobile phone devices, thus, saving people a lot of time, along with the assurance of clear communication and enhanced productivity. 
  • We are entitled to enjoying swifter communication via real-time messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and more. 
  • Also, as mentioned earlier in the blog, video-based communication is changing the conventional scenario for the better. 
  • From Voiceover Internet Protocol to online discussion forums and social networking sites; there are at least 5-10 different communicational platforms available these days. 

To End With, 

With a myriad of technological developments making their presence felt, tomorrow seems smarter and more promising than ever before. However, at the same time, we all should acknowledge the aspect of utilising technological advancements in an ethical and eco-friendly way. 


Author Bio: Alley John is an experienced academic writer, working on behalf of the platform, for the past five years. Also, he is a technical blogger and gadget reviewer, coming all the way from Birmingham, the United Kingdom.

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