Things to Tell a Provider before Getting the First Prenatal Care

Things to Tell a Provider before Getting the First Prenatal Care

There is simply no denying that one of the most emotional and happiest moments in a woman’s life is when she learns that she is pregnant. The joy of carrying a life in the womb is a special feeling that most women don’t know how to express. It is imperative to include scheduled prenatal visits in your routine and stay in good touch with a trusted obstetrician to give birth to a healthy child.

Do not even try to avoid getting prenatal care in Singapore once you learn that you are pregnant. Attending scheduled prenatal appointments and receiving care can help you stay physically and mentally happy. You will also stay informed about your baby’s health condition. Prenatal care services are all about undergoing thorough checkups and getting appropriate medical care during pregnancy.  

Keep reading to gain a sound understanding of what should a pregnant woman take into account and discuss with her provider before receiving first prenatal care.

Last Menstrual Period

Make sure that you do not hesitate to share or forget the date when your last menstrual period begins. Many people regard the last menstrual period as LMP. Every would-be mother wants to know about her possible delivery date from their provider. So, mentioning the first day of your LMP can help your care provider get a sound idea about the due date of your baby.

Family Health History

Even a small wrong step during pregnancy can severely affect the mother and the baby. Hence, it is of utmost importance to make your gynecologist aware of your family health history before you undergo your first prenatal care checkup. Most women experience tremendous problems during pregnancy if they often suffer from health issues such as diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and obesity.

Medicines You Depend On

If you are one of those who regularly need to have doctor prescribed medicines, over-the-counter medicines, herbal medicines or supplements, you must inform your provider about the same. Professionals who provide prenatal care will be able to guide you properly when you tell what medicines you take daily and the reason for the same.

Some medicines can immensely hurt your baby if you continue taking them over the pregnancy period. Your provider will tell you when and how to stop taking those medicines and whether you need to switch to other safer drugs. Taking the right step will help you keep your baby’s health in top condition.

Smoking and Drinking Habits

You can’t afford to smoke and drink from the very day you see the positive pregnancy report. Keep in mind that smoking and drinking alcohol ignoring your doctor’s valuable advice can adversely impact the health of the child in your womb. Abusing prescription drugs is a strict no for pregnant women.

Bottom Line

Prenatal care of the highest standard can keep you and your child healthy. So, avail it from a trustworthy prenatal care specialist. However, don’t forget to tell your provider about all the things mentioned above. Once you learn exactly what to do and what not, you can prepare yourself in a much better way for your first prenatal appointment and checkup.

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