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Five Ways to Style Mid Length Hair

If you have mid-length hair, then you are a lucky part of the population. Mid-length hair is one of the most versatile hair lengths as you can experiment with a range of chic hairstyles. This hair length is easy to manage, style and is an all-time favourite among fashionistas. Mid-length hair falls just below or above your shoulder. Irrespective of your face shape, hair texture, colour, or type, a mid-length hair cut exudes a stylish appearance. Neither too long nor too short, this haircut strikes the right balance to help you put forward a chic and timeless look.

If you are looking for some beautiful mid-length hairstyles, feel free to scroll down for inspiration.

#1. Wand Waves:        

A wavy hairstyle can never go out of fashion. This brilliant hairstyle looks fabulous on medium-length hair. It looks casually messy and is extremely easy to recreate. To get wand waves, gently curl your hair with a curling wand and then use a hair spray to achieve the right texture. This hairstyle looks exceptionally stylish and needs no hard work.

#2. Sleek and Polished

Want something sophisticated yet simple? A straight, sleek, and polished hairstyle is what you need. Straight hair has a unique charm that is known to radiate your control over life. When you leave your hair sleek and straight, it adds gentle grace to your look. This classic hairstyle can be achieved using a hair smoothening serum followed by a hair straightener until you get a pin-straight appearance.

#3. Retro ponytail

The usual everyday ponytail may look common and boring. So why not add a twist to your simple ponytail? Reminding us of the ’60s, the retro ponytail looks flattering on mid-length hair. You can pull off this fun and funky hairstyle in less than five minutes. Simply part your hair from the middle, pull down some hair fringes from the front of your crown, and then tie all hair together in a ponytail to get this hairstyle.

#4. The Half do

When it comes to half-do hairstyles for mid-length hair, there are endless options. Whether you want to attend a fancy evening party or a formal office event, half-do options are just perfect to fit your needs. These hairstyles add volume to your hair and are easy to create. Pull up the top half of your hair in a sleek high ponytail and brush out the rest for a half-up hairstyle. Remember to use some hairspray for the perfect finish. Also, make sure to have a look at the half-up messy bun, which is trending right now.

#5. Pouf

Here is another adorable hairstyle that almost everyone admires. The classic pouf is something that everyone has probably worn proudly at least once in their lifetime. If you are in a hurry, this hairstyle can save the day. This versatile hairstyle is best for all kinds of occasions. Some volume addition with hairdryer tool followed by backcombing, few bob pins, and hairspray, that’s it. You are ready to ooze style!

Medium-length hair is incredibly versatile. You can style it in a myriad of ways to enjoy a new appearance every day.

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